About Us

We are all about our online customers enjoying a ‘swish experience’!
We help small businesses empower themselves to be at the forefront of eCommerce, by enabling the ‘fast-order’ online experience for their customers and at the same time give the right tools for our online business clients to get the business done!
Our ‘mantra’ to our business clients is simple; “We will take care of your online and eCommerce needs; you take care of your customers”
This idea was conceptualized during the pandemic of 2020 when the visionary and our founder of the ‘swish experience’ who has been in the Media and Audio/Visual Industry for over 25 years, saw one day that everything he built over the years got wiped out in an instance even without a chance to re-think or re-strategize his business differently!
The drive behind the ‘swish experience’ vision does not stop there…our founder saw every small business coming to a halt and at the same time, saw the largest demand explosion for online services at the same time!
Many business owners our founder knew, struggled the most because of the lack of online eCommerce facility, or know how to facilitate online order management and offer their customers a quick and easy online shopping experience. This sparked the need for SWISH as a powerful tool that can radically help businesses and customers mutually in their online shopping experience.

What is ‘swish’

‘swish’ eCommerce

We are a multi-faceted online eCommerce company.  We are a bridge between customers and businesses to make life easy for both.  We help businesses to fulfill the need of website, eCommerce, and for simple online order solutions.  We innovated technology to give the customers the fastest and safest online order experience.  We are the number one platform in North America to manage and maintain eCommerce websites and online order logistics.

‘swish’ Promotions

We have a wide range of tools to promote our business clients to bring maximum business.  We engage heavily via all the social media avenues.  We have several television channels and affiliate with many media platforms including TV channels, popular online news portals and print media.  We also have hundreds of thousands of email groups where we make sure use it for our business clients.

Founder | CEO

Samuel Easo (Sunil Tristar)

‘swish’ eCommerce

Call: 1-917-662-1122
Email: [email protected]

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